Earth's Seasonal Secrets

Summer: Earth's Seasonal Secrets

Summer: Earth's Seasonal Secrets



Moriarty himself, Andrew Scott, narrates this Nature’s Greatest Hits series. He’s the master… of… the… dramatic… pause. As in: “It’s do… or die.” “It brings dangerous attention… lions.”

He’s good at whimsical and jaunty too, which is just as well because there’s an awful lot of both in Earth’s Seasonal Secrets. You’ve probably seen it all before, but there will never be a time when the king penguins of South Georgia won’t be irresistible, or when hot and lazy lions snoozing in the searing heat won’t look deceptively, deadly cute.

Then there are the 40 million Christmas Island crabs pelting towards the sea to lay their eggs (“Now that… was fun”) and herds on the move in the Serengeti.


With the sun shining and the flowers blooming, summer is a season of splendid abundance, and the long hours of daylight make life burst out in a riot of activity. However, in certain regions there can be sweltering heat. As this documentary reveals, for a range of species, from sneaky ringtailed lemurs to battling ibex and penguins to colour-changing lizards, summer is a time when the living is not always easy. Narrated by Andrew Scott.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Andrew Scott
Producer Mary Summerill
Education Nature