Inside the Factory: Sweets

Inside the Factory: Sweets

Series 2



Gregg Wallace is like a child in a sweetshop this week, mainly because he’s in Britain’s largest family-owned sweet factory. Swizzels turn out 100 million sweets every 24 hours including Love Hearts, which they’ve been making since 1954 (although the messages have been updated).

Even Gregg’s notoriously sweet tooth should be satisfied after a few hours here although he’s less keen when he tastes concentrated parma violet flavouring: “it’s like getting your tongue scrubbed with washing-up liquid!” he grimaces. He’s happier gazing at the “river of jam” that gets turned into 750,000 lollies every day. What’s interesting is learning just what – apart from lots of sugar – goes in to those sweets.


Gregg Wallace helps to unload a tanker full of sugar from Norfolk and follows it through one of the oldest sweet factories in Britain - Swizzels in Derbyshire - to see how more than 500 workers, as well as some mind-boggling machines, transform it into over 100 million individual sweets within just 24 hours. Cherry Healey finds out how the letters are put in seaside rock and is given special access to the Fisherman's Friend factory in Lancashire to discover how a local family turned a niche product into a worldwide success.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gregg Wallace
Contributor Ruth Goodman
Presenter Cherry Healey
Executive Producer Alice Harper
Executive Producer Sanjay Singhal
Producer Emma Pound
Series Director Chris Parkin
Series Producer Chris Parkin
Series Producer Amanda Lyon
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