Britain's Hardest Workers: Inside the Low Wage Economy

Britain's Hardest Workers: Inside the Low Wage Economy

Series 1 - Episode 1



Here’s an idea that even on paper must have looked iffy. Take 20 volunteers and have them do low-paid jobs to show how unpleasant it is. Does that sound like a great watch? Nope, and it isn’t really, though you’ll learn more than you could possibly want about how to clean hotel rooms, as the guinea pigs’ first task is housekeeping work at a Leeds hotel.

It’s certainly eye-opening to see how some guests leave their rooms (tea bag stuck to mirror, burger on floor etc ) and interesting that a cleaner has just 24 minutes to make it right. But really, watching people do a job they’re not used to, badly and at tedious length, is like the worst episode of The Generation Game ever.


Anita Rani explores the reality of work at the lowest end of the pay scale as 20 volunteers take part in an experiment to test their skills against some of the fastest growing jobs in this sector. In the first edition, they clean hotel rooms after a busy party weekend and then sort through piles of recycling, while Anita examines whether businesses can cope with a rise in the minimum wage.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Anita Rani
Executive Producer Tim Carter
Executive Producer Mark Rubens
Series Editor Helen Richards
Series Producer Paul Durgan