There's Something About Romcoms

There's Something About Romcoms


Surely romantic comedies begin and end with the peerless When Harry Met Sally and its torrent of delights, notably Meg Ryan’s fake orgasm scene in the diner. In this brisk, jolly celebration of the genre Meg Ryan tells us it was her idea just to go for it so noisily.

But there are many other joys here, notably Hugh Grant, who’s on fine form deadpanning and downplaying himself (“I’m an angry middle-aged man from Hammersmith”) as he discusses his prodigious romcom career, from Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones’s Diary, to the underrated Music and Lyrics.

Richard Curtis, Britain’s romcom supremo, insisted he never wanted Grant in FWAAF, telling his producers: “He won’t be right, he’ll ruin the film.” As for Grant, it was his passport from being offered “auditions for Jilly Cooper’s Riders for Anglia Television”.


Meg Ryan, Hugh Grant, Richard Curtis, Rupert Everett and Stephen Merchant are among the stars celebrating the rich and varied history of the rom-com, which has become one of cinema's highest grossing film genres, and made stars of the likes Renee Zellweger and Kate Hudson, among many more of Hollywood's brightest stars. This programme revisits some of the greatest rom-coms moments ever committed to film, from Meg Ryan `climactic' scene in When Harry Met Sally to Andie MacDowall and Hugh Grant's romantic entanglements in Four Weddings and a Funeral. Tim Bevan, chairman of the production company Working Title, explains why he believes the British have surpassed American film-makers in the field of the romantic comedy, and Bridget Jones producer Jonathan Cavendish explains how the Texan Renee Zellweger was transformed into the unlucky-in-love Bridget - ahead of the release of the third film in the series next month. Narrated by Julie Walters.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Julie Walters
Contributor Hugh Grant
Contributor Meg Ryan
Contributor Richard Curtis
Contributor Rupert Everett
Contributor Stephen Merchant
Contributor Tim Bevan
Contributor Jonathan Cavendish
Director Richard Nash
Executive Producer Jeremy Lee
Producer Richard Nash
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