Impractical Jokers UK

Impractical Jokers UK

Series 1 - Episode 6



The four lads devise another round of fiendish pranks for each other to pull on unsuspecting members of the public. This time, David, Matt, Lee and Paul try their hands at working in the world of retail as sales assistants in a music shop. Paul sings `the Dude Song' while trying to play a left-handed guitar, and Matt demonstrates his `nose piano' skills. Next, the Jokers head to a quiet cafe - rigged with hidden speakers - where they plague nonplussed diners with unexpected flatulence. For the final challenge, the boys try to win kisses from strangers, which proves to be a deceptively difficult task. The lad with the most `fails' this week faces a terrifying forfeit - strapped to the top of an aeroplane.

Cast & Crew

Director Paul Young
Executive Producer Robert Gray
Producer Paul Young
Series Producer George Sawyer