Countrywise: Guide to Britain

Countrywise: Guide to Britain

Series 8



Following on from the Countywise: Secret Wild Places spin-off earlier in 2016, this promises more of a straight-ahead tour of well-trodden landscapes and beauty spots in the company of sometime adventurer Ben Fogle and amiable biologist Liz Bonnin.

The pleasure of these tours is generally noting, “Remember when we stayed there that time?” or alternatively, “That looks nice, shall we go?” For armchair tourists, Fogle is here visiting the Scilly Isles while Bonnin watches seabirds on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

Elsewhere, guest presenter, Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton also joins the Household Cavalry on their annual ride at Holkham beach in Norfolk.


Ben Fogle and Liz Bonnin travel the length and breadth of Britain to discover the countryside's hidden gems, natural wonders and great escapes. Ben heads out on a tour of the stunning Isles of Scilly with his guide Colin Taylor, the police sergeant in charge of this little part of the world, while Liz Bonnin is on the Dorset coast on to view some of the millions of birds that travel thousands of miles to reach these shores each spring.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ben Fogle
Presenter Liz Bonnin
Series Producer Ruth Binsley