Subtle Beast

Series 1 - Episode 2 Subtle Beast



Bookish, asthmatic, Muslim student Nasir is dropped deep into the criminal justice system in the second episode of the superior crime drama based on the BBC’s Criminal Justice series. While Nasir (the excellent Riz Ahmed) protests his innocence in the case of the murder of a woman with whom he spent a drug-fuelled night, his lawyer (John Turturro) tells him to keep his lips sealed: “I don’t want to be stuck with the truth… the truth can go to hell.”

Turturro’s turn as the low-rent lawyer who’s struck homicide gold is a tour de force, but the real delight is trying to catch clues as the camera lingers on seemingly inconsequential details.


Detective Box leads the investigation into the murder, and when Naz's parents arrive at the station, he finds a way to use them to his advantage. Crime drama, starring Riz Ahmed.

Cast & Crew

Nasir Kahn Riz Ahmed