The Severn Bridge at 50: A High Wire Act

The Severn Bridge at 50: A High Wire Act


This neat and useful little film is a celebration of a magnificent piece of British civil engineering.

The Severn Bridge lifts the M48 across the river between England and Wales and since its state opening on 8 September, 1966 it’s carried more than 300 million vehicles. High Wire Act follows specialist maintenance crews as they patrol the steel suspension bridge for its worst enemy – corrosion.

Everyone interviewed speaks with affection and people living nearby remember the thrill of their world opening up: “I don’t think I’d ever been into Bristol until the Severn Bridge opened,” says one lady in Chepstow, on the Welsh side.


Documentary, marking the 50th anniversary of the construction of the ground-breaking bridge connecting England and Wales. The film focuses on the work of the people who keep traffic flowing across the Severn all year round, and details the behind-the-scenes battle to maintain the iconic structure.

Cast & Crew

Director Robin Toyne
Executive Producer Maggie Latham
Producer Mat Lingard