Fishing Impossible

British Columbia

Series 1 - Episode 1 British Columbia



Whenever you see remote British Columbia on programmes like this, its forests and hills and rivers filmed from above, it looks heavenly. I’m sure in practice it’s wet and cold (or else too hot) and full of bugs, but boy is it photogenic. The excuse for the scenery this time is an expedition by three laddish fishermen called Charlie, Jay and Blowfish to pursue salmon – coho salmon specifically – under the noses of the bears that also pursue them during the annual spawning run. It’s an upbeat watch that even for the fishing-agnostic offers fun, spectacle and plenty of teasing trash talk between the guys.


Fishing show, which sees contributors Charles Butcher, Jason Lewis and Thomas Hird, aka The Blowfish, head to British Columbia in search of the elusive coho salmon. However, standing in their way are dozens of hungry grizzly bears intent on fattening themselves up before winter sets in. The trio must work out a way to catch a Coho without ending up as dinner for the bears.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Charles Butcher
Contributor Jason Lewis
Contributor Thomas Hird
Contributor Holly Willgress
Contributor Kevin Estrada
Director Alistair Smith
Executive Producer Chris Fouracre
Executive Producer Tammy Hoyle
Executive Producer Paul Sommers
Producer Alistair Smith
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