Middle-class mums may seem to be everywhere but the latte-bearing soldiers of the school run haven’t had their own UK sitcom, until now – and fortunately it’s a corker.

Much of the painfully recognisable stresses (the shame, the passive aggression and the play date fobbing-offs) are embodied in our heroine Julia (Anna Maxwell-Martin) who would rather make a false bullying complaint against another child than admit she’s forgotten the half-term dates.

Like Paul Ready’s hapless stay-at-home dad Kevin, Julia will never be invited onto the big table in the mums’ school-run coffee shop presided over by Lucy Punch’s queen bee Amanda (blonde, beautiful, utterly phoney). So thankfully the pair find solace in the company of Liz (Diane Morgan, of Philomena Cunk fame), a slatternly parent but easily the most likable character of the lot.

The writers - Father Ted’s Graham Linehan (who also directs), his wife Helen, Catastrophe’s Sharon Horgan and stand-up Holly Walsh - clearly know their comedy and parenting onions in equal measure. So a note home to the BBC: please send this one-off pilot to the full-series big school straight away.


Comedy about the trials and traumas of middle-class motherhood, from the ultra-organised and competitive Amanda to the chaotic and free-spirited Liz, with Julia somewhere in between and stay-at-home dad Kevin embracing his situation with gusto - much to the irritation of the others. Written by Graham Linehan, Sharon Horgan, Helen Linehan and Holly Walsh, and starring Anna Maxwell Martin, Diane Morgan, Lucy Punch and Paul Ready.

Cast & Crew

Julia Anna Maxwell Martin
Liz Diane Morgan
Kevin Paul Ready
Amanda Lucy Punch
Ian Terry Mynott
Marion Ellie Haddington
Mrs Lawson Chetna Pandya
Janet Margaret Cabourn-Smith
Paul Oliver Chris
Anne Philippa Dunne
Sunita Sonita Henry
Director Graham Linehan
Executive Producer Graham Linehan
Executive Producer Sharon Horgan
Executive Producer Helen Linehan
Executive Producer Clelia Mountford
Executive Producer Richard Boden
Writer Graham Linehan
Writer Sharon Horgan
Writer Helen Linehan
Writer Holly Walsh
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