Too Posh to Parent

Too Posh to Parent


This belongs to that sub-genre of docs that chart the interesting oddness of the super-rich. It’s a voyeuristic tour of what one contributor calls “a wonderful, cocooned world of opulence”.

Not that wonderful, though. It’s hard not to feel your gorge rise very slightly as you watch, say, Chelsea designer Nina take her seven chihuahuas for a walk (one of them in a little Gucci fur jacket, for heaven’s sake) or see her children have a fitting with their private cobbler.

It’s another world, one where the super-rich outsource as much of their parenting as possible, paying £2,000 for an expert to potty-train their toddler, or where a mum advertises for a nanny who will “cook vegan food, ski and have a spiritual outlook”. When, instead, her new employee buys the children a Fanta, she’s not pleased.


From etiquette lessons to professional potty trainers who guarantee results in three days, modern parents have never had so many experts to choose from - if they can afford it. This documentary follows the people who provide a wide range of childcare services to the wealthy, as well as the families that employ them, from 34-year-old Nina Naustdal and her household of full-time staff, to family concierge Lucy Challenger, who is on a mission to find a client a nanny who can both cook vegan food and ski.

Cast & Crew

Director Nick Poyntz
Executive Producer Jack Kennedy
Executive Producer Nina Davis
Executive Producer Derek McLean
Producer Nick Poyntz