Some Conscience Lost

Series 4 - Episode 3 Some Conscience Lost



“This is Whitechapel! For all that we have done here, she is still the merciless bitch of the East,” Drake sternly reminds Reid. And if we’d also forgotten about the grime and the violence and the wickedness of Victorian London, this episode rams it home with a story about the cruelty of the workhouse.

While accompanying Mathilda as she carries out Booth’s poverty survey, Reid happens upon a dying workhouse boy and becomes obsessed with what’s going on in the Union Workhouse. Superficially, it’s a marvel of order and hygiene but Reid has “a sickening thrum that there is some kind of malice at work here”. He’s right, of course.


It is Reid's first day back at H Division under the command of Drake, and it soon becomes clear that his investigative instinct is as sharp as ever despite his initial anxiety. He is drawn to a distressed woman who claims to have lost her child from the workhouse, but he begins to question her testimony when it becomes apparent that she is losing her wits. Meanwhile, Susan fails to stay hidden in the dangerous dockside world of Abel Croker, and Rose realises that being a mother to another woman's child is no easy task.

Cast & Crew

Det Insp Edmund Reid Matthew Macfadyen
Det Insp Bennet Drake Jerome Flynn
Cpt Homer Jackson Adam Rothenberg
Long Susan MyAnna Buring
Rose Drake Charlene McKenna
Abel Croker David Threlfall
Augustus Dove Killian Scott
Sgt Drum Drummond Matthew Lewis
Det Sgt Frank Thatcher Benjamin O'Mahony
Mathilda Reid Anna Burnett
Rachel Castello Anna Koval
Nathaniel Jonas Armstrong
Leda Starling Sonya Cassidy
Cornelius Wilde Jamie Ballard
Redskin Jake Charley Palmer Rothwell
Bo Nystrom Jon Oigarden
Percey Orton Billy Seymour
Tommy Riggs Daragh Kearney
Arthur Robert Donnelly
Workhouse boy 1 Luke Andrew Feeney
Workhouse boy 2 John Crofton
Workhouse matron Noelle Brown
Riot copper Sean Rea
Director Luke Watson
Producer Joe Donaldson
Writer Rachel Bennette
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