Let It Ride

Series 2 - Episode 5 Let It Ride



Lethal Weapon walks a line, balancing action with comedy and sentimental dabs of drama. Sometimes it can’t spin all that at once so a plate or two crashes to the floor, and this is one of those episodes – crockery everywhere.

The root of the problem is probably the return of cheesy twerp Leo Getz, the low-rent, ambulance-chasing lawyer who cropped up in an earlier episode. When a friend of his is killed at Santa Anita racetrack, he gets tiresomely involved in the investigation.

More importantly, the battered airstream trailer Riggs lives in on the beach gets towed away, recalling troubled childhood memories for him. That whole “Riggs is sane now” arc didn’t last long.


Murtaugh and Riggs investigate a death that occurred moments before the victim's bet won a horse race. Leo Getz insists it's a homicide and aids in the investigation. Meanwhile, Murtaugh updates his will, while Riggs struggles to come to terms with his past. Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans star.

Cast & Crew

Roger Murtaugh Damon Wayans
Martin Riggs Clayne Crawford
Maureen Cahill Jordana Brewster
Trish Murtaugh Keesha Sharp
Brooks Avery Kevin Rahm
Bernard Scorsese Johnathan Fernandez
Sonya Bailey Michelle Mitchenor
Leo Getz Thomas Lennon
Zach Bowman Andrew Creer
Mitch Brennan Travis Hammer
Tony Guzman Jeremy Luke
Nathan Riggs Rex Linn
Young Martin Riggs Chase Mangum
Shane Stephan Goldbach
Howard Craig Ricci Shaynak
Joey Josh Latzer
Maitre'd Paul Witten
EMT Franchesca Agramonte
Tattoo artist Terry Fradet
Teller Jason Ross-Azikiwe
Director Eric Laneuville
Executive Producer Matt Miller
Executive Producer McG
Executive Producer Jennifer Gwartz
Executive Producer Dan Lin
Producer Joshua Levy
Producer Marc David Alpert
Writer Rob Wright
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