The Department of Complaints

The Department of Complaints


The phrase “as a gesture of goodwill” must be one of the most delightful in the English language, and it’s used a lot in this jolly and informative consumer rights’ show.

Journalist Harry Wallop and his team of experts bring a bit of sunshine to shoppers who’ve been let down by retailers. Like the young woman whose online-purchased wedding dress was largely glued together. And the couple with the “silent” washing machine that was so loud it left them anxious and hiding in their sitting room to avoid the noise.

Wallop’s team carry out rigorous testing of products and there are also some very useful legal tips for shoppers.


A team of experts work on behalf of consumers with problems who have no other recourse, investigating a table that spontaneously shattered and a faulty wedding dress.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Will Daws
Executive Producer Dan Goldsack