Extraordinary Teens

Extraordinary Teens: My Gay Life


When this film opens, Billy is 11, living with his parents in West Sussex and about to go to secondary school. He came out to his mother Dee as gay when he was seven but his father Rob is uncomfortable with the decision. “He refuses to accept who I am,” says Billy. Rob says, “I don’t believe he is gay: I don’t believe you can decide that until you’re 16 or 17.” 

The cameras follow how the family dynamic evolves and fractures as Billy goes through adolescence, gets boyfriends, has piercings and buys ten-inch heels to wear to his prom. It’s a striking tale of growing up gay.


Billy realised he was gay aged seven, and by 11 felt confident enough to appear dressed as Lady Gaga at Brighton's Gay Pride, where he was spotted by a documentary producer. He has been filming himself ever since. Now 17, Billy reveals the story of what life was like for him and his family as he developed.

Cast & Crew

Director Mel Beer
Director Tim Froggatt
Director Chris Atteshlis
Executive Producer Lambros Atteshlis
Executive Producer Helen Littleboy
Executive Producer Dermot Caufield
Producer Mel Beer
Producer Tim Froggatt
Producer Chris Atteshlis
Producer Hazel Graham
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