24 Hours in A&E

24 Hours in A&E

Series 14



There’s a new opening for 24 Hours that nods to the difficulties the NHS faces, which is contrasted with the unwavering care its staff offers. It’s deliberately, effectively emotive – don’t be surprised if you’re in tears before the titles are over.

Not that there’s any shortage of emotion in this episode, the first of a new run.
A man is brought in with facial injuries, vomiting blood; he can’t remember what happened, so all paramedics know is that he is 50 years old and called Chris. Slowly, his identity and family life are revealed.

In the waiting room is Rick, 29, a personal trainer who hurt his foot at the gym; he’s no stranger to physical discomfort – he lost his left leg below the knee while serving in Iraq. And little Marigold, three, might have a chest infection, which – as mum Helen explains – could be a real problem.


The staff have a mystery to unravel when an unknown patient arrives after collapsing in the street. The team eventually manage to contact his daughters as they try to find out what may have caused him to fall unconscious. Meanwhile, a 29-year-old man comes in following an accident at the gym, and a three-year-old girl is in paediatrics with her mum showing signs of a chest infection.

Cast & Crew

Director Louise Bartmann
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Producer Louise Bartmann
Series Director Sophie Jones
Series Director Michael Tuft
Series Editor Lucie Duxbury
Series Producer Sophie Jones
Series Producer Michael Tuft
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