The Shannara Chronicles

Chosen - Part One

Series 1 - Episode 1 Chosen - Part One



Fantasy adventure based on the novels by Terry Brooks, telling the story of an elfin princess, a bandit and a half-elf as they try to stop demons from entering their world. As the tale begins, feisty elf princess Amberle, who dreams of a life outside the palace, becomes one of the seven servants known as the Chosen. When she touches the sacred tree, she has a terrifying vision. Meanwhile, half-human, half-elf Wil's mother gives him the Elfstones, a family relic containing ancient magic - only for them to be stolen by Eretria, a wild human raised by thieves. Poppy Drayton, Austin Butler and Ivana Baquero star.

Cast & Crew

Wil Ohmsford Austin Butler
Amberle Elessedil Poppy Drayton
Eretria Ivana Baquero
Allanon Manu Bennett
King Eventine John Rhys-Davies
Ander Elessedil Aaron Jakubenko
Dagda Mor Jed Brophy
Arion Daniel MacPherson
Catania Brooke Williams
Commander Tilton Emelia Burns
Caphalo James Remar
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