First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon

First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon


In 2014, a group of men emerged from the Amazon rainforest near the Brazil-Peru border and made contact with the outside world for the very first time. In this sensitively-handled film, a team of anthropologists returns to the tribe – equipped with better knowledge of their language – to discover what drew them out of isolation, and whether it signals the demise of indigenous ways of life.

There’s enthralling footage as the peoples adjust to each other, and the film serves as a fascinating insight into the way humans have developed. As one young man tells us, “Now we have seen clothes, and we have clothes to wear, we are ashamed to be naked.”


In June 2014, the world was transfixed by images of men emerging from the deepest Amazon rainforest for the first time. They were among the last people living on our planet who had had no contact with the outside world. In this documentary, film-maker Angus Macqueen gains access to this tribe, to Xani and Shirimaku and their families, to find out how they lived, why they had remained isolated for so long and what finally brought them out of isolation.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Robert Lindsay
Director Angus Macqueen
Producer Guillermo Galdos
Producer Alexander Houghton