Series 5 - Episode 7



It’s a tearful day in Pontyberry, as the town pays its final respects to Daddy. The twinkly undertaker with an unfathomable language hasn’t been seen in the show for some time, as Howell Evans, the actor who played him, died in 2014.

But Stella always pulls out the stops for a big event, and Daddy’s funeral is no exception, topped by yet another big-name cameo. Creator Ruth Jones’s contacts book must be enormous.

In related news, a grieving Paula (Elizabeth Berrington) returns, only to make a shocking discovery of a new relative, and there’s an ill-advised and very unsurprising fling.


It's a sad day in Pontyberry as Paula returns home for Daddy's funeral, but those who turn out to pay their respects get a treat when former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant shows up to perform a special tribute. Meanwhile, Stella does her utmost to avoid Rob, there's trouble for the teenagers when they embark on a camping trip and Cerys discovers how Ben really feels about her.

Cast & Crew

Stella Ruth Jones
Michael Patrick Baladi
Paula Elizabeth Berrington
Rob Mark Lewis Jones
Beyonce Remy Beasley
Ben Justin Davies
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