Series 1 - Episode 7



Johnny is the prime suspect for the murder of Red Killeen, and despite a desperate plea from Annie, Charles washes his hands of his brother, leaving his fate in the hands of Coates, who has been gunning for the man they call `the Prince' almost from day one. With no real system of justice in Jericho, a hearing is set up in the Capsticks' tavern - but with the wrong man on trial, the angry townsfolk baying for blood and guilty George buckling under the pressure, Annie worries it won't be long until the truth is exposed.

Cast & Crew

Lace Polly Lorraine Ashbourne
Easter Elliot Barnes-Worrell
Hatty Laggan Lucy Black
George Quaintain Samuel Bottomley
Joe Capstick Phil Cornwell
Alma Capstick Natalie Gavin
Martha Quaintain Amy James-Kelly
Epiphany Martina Laird
Devon Sam Paul Loughran
Dagger Tommy McDonnell
Johnny Blackwood Hans Matheson
Ralph Coates Clarke Peters
Annie Quaintain Jessica Raine
Charles Blackwood Daniel Rigby
Isabella Lambton Jeany Spark
Lizzie Capstick Sophie Thompson
Davey Sharpe Stephen Thompson
Shay Darren Morfitt
Mabel Jessica Gunning
Dilly cart driver Adam Foster
Director David Moore
Executive Producer Kate Bartlett
Executive Producer Steve Thompson
Producer Lisa Osborne
Writer Caroline Henry
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