Stan Lee's Lucky Man

The Last Chance

Series 1 - Episode 5 The Last Chance



According to Richard Osman, the most common idea pitched for new game shows is a format where people have to lead their lives like The Dice Man, relying on chance to take their every decision. In a way that’s the point DI Harry Clayton (James Nesbitt) has reached, except he has the advantage of a Chinese bracelet guaranteeing him a win in every situation.

Just as well, since this episode’s plot revolves around a central scene in the world’s worst casino, where the stakes are not money but whatever you’re prepared to risk, and the outcome depends on a captive rat. It’s a haunting image.


Still reeling from his terrifying ordeal the previous night, Harry is called in to investigate the shooting of the owner of a private club and uncovers a surprising link to another case. Meanwhile, Suri intercepts an alarming package bound for DS Winter and casino boss Lily-Anne calls in Harry's debt and orders him to carry out a very important task.

Cast & Crew

Harry Clayton James Nesbitt
Anna Clayton Eve Best
Suri Chohan Amara Karan
DI Steve Orwell Darren Boyd
Eve Sienna Guillory
Lily-Anne Lau Jing Lusi
Rich Clayton Stephen Hagan
Alistair Winter Steven Mackintosh
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