Alan Partridge's Mid Morning Matters

Alan Partridge's Mid Morning Matters

Series 2 - Episode 1



“She’s got diamonds and a nice big bum… it’s Jennifer Lopez!” Yes, Steve Coogan has slipped back into Alan P’s driving gloves, golfing jumper and comfortable slacks for a new series packed with enough jewels of excruciatingly gauche hilarity to keep even the most demanding diva happy.

Alan is funniest when he is reacting to things and the radio-show webcam format provides plenty of opportunity for that, whether it’s reacting to Tim Key’s sycophantic (and slightly sad) Sidekick Simon or asking listeners to list their fantasy dinner-party guests (Alan’s is all the Thatcher family and Jesus).

He seems a little happier these days (I won’t say likeable, I will NEVER say likeable), so perhaps his new girlfriend (and role as a stepfather) is softening his edges.


The comedy returns, going behind the scenes at the broadcaster's daytime chat show on North Norfolk Digital Radio, as he talks to listeners and shares his views on the big issues of the day. Sidekick Simon joins him again to present their light-hearted take on stories in the news. In the first edition, the pair cover hard-hitting topics such as Jimmy Savile, corner shops and fox hunting. Starring Steve Coogan and Tim Key.