It's Not Rocket Science

It's Not Rocket Science

Series 1 - Episode 1



The search goes on for a series that does for the 21st century what Tomorrow’s World did for the 1970s. This is less a technology showcase than “an entertainment show that looks at the world through a pair of science-shaped glasses,” as Ben Miller explains.

That means enjoyable sciencey stunts that would be a fraction more enjoyable if they weren’t hyped up beforehand to a level that a chocolate-fuelled eight-year-old might find a bit much. Can sprinter Adam Gemili cover 100 metres from a standing start faster than a plane? Will Rachel Riley catch fire when she rides a zip wire through a wall of flame?

The jeopardy is inflated to bursting point, but the good-natured delivery of Miller, Riley and Romesh Ranganathan carries us through. Plus, where else would you see Joey Essex try to explain solids, liquids and gases?


Science show, with Ben Miller, Rachel Riley and Romesh Ranganathan. Olympic sprinter Adam Gemili races against a Red Arrow, Rachel travels through a wall of fire at 450 degree centigrade, and Ben uses the power of Joey Essex's brain to drive a car. Plus, former teacher Romesh returns to the classroom armed with new technology to teach a lesson for the first time in three years.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ben Miller
Presenter Rachel Riley
Presenter Romesh Ranganathan
Contributor Adam Gemili
Director Simon Staffurth
Executive Producer Kalpna Patel-Knight
Executive Producer John Kaye Cooper
Series Producer Richard Park
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