Greece with Simon Reeve

Greece with Simon Reeve

Series 1 - Episode 2



Simon Reeve sees evidence of Greece’s dire economic crisis everywhere. Shipyards are derelict because boat repairs and refits are outsourced, while appallingly treated migrants are forced to pick produce because locals won’t do farm work. Yet there are many multimillionaires in the upper echelons of the shipping industry, the government spent billions on arms, submarines and tanks and there’s no sign of austerity from the extravagant nightclub-goers in Thessaloniki.

Clearly Greeks are proud people. Or maybe stubborn is a better description. But Reeve’s natural empathy for those he meets on his journey helps us understand them and the mess their country is in.


Part two of two. Simon travels from the Peloponnese peninsula into the mountainous north of the country. He meets local people including a group of rebel monks and conservationists caring for an injured bear, and discovers how they are coping with the political crises affecting Greece.

Cast & Crew

Actor Simon Reeve
Director Eric McFarland
Executive Producer Sam Bagnall
Producer Eric McFarland
Series Producer Olly Bootle