Greece with Simon Reeve

Greece with Simon Reeve

Series 1 - Episode 1



As Simon Reeve drives along the coast of Lesvos, a Greek island just a few miles from Turkey, he’s stunned to see several tiny boats each packed with dozens of bedraggled migrants landing on the empty beach. But it’s the sight of them trekking through villages full of jolly tourists that he finds surreal.

“Greece is in a bit of a pickle,” he says referring also to the country’s economic crisis, the failings of the state, its unemployment levels, the disappearance of traditional crafts, the environmental implications of Athens’ massive landfill site as well as the two anarchist “scumbags” who threaten to shoot his cameramen. A pickle indeed.


Part one of a two-part series in which the presenter takes a tour of the country, travelling from the islands of the Aegean to Athens. Along the way he meets local people including gun-toting priests and the last sponge-divers in the world, and discovers how they are coping with their country's current crises.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Simon Reeve
Director Olly Bootle
Executive Producer Sam Bagnall
Series Producer Olly Bootle