David Harewood's F Word

David Harewood's F Word


Rada-trained British actor David Harewood has had roles in Hollywood films and major TV series including Homeland, Supergirl and now The Night Manager. He’s suffered his fair share of misfires, though, and in this engaging film he sets out to dispel the taboo that surrounds the topic of failure.

Damian Lewis, Olivia Colman, Naomie Harris and Eddie Izzard are some of the stars he probes on their experiences breaking into the industry, and the forms failure can take even when you do. Harewood is an amiable companion, and while it could delve deeper, this thought-provoking film encourages a reconsideration of what we deem “successful”.


The actor heads to Los Angles to talk to a few of his famous friends about how the road to Hollywood stardom is often a bumpy one, strewn with rejection and disappointment.