Born to Be Different

Born to Be Different

Series 9 - Episode 1



Three years on from our last visit, the five families looking after a child with a disability (one of the familiar six has withdrawn from the project) are dealing with adolescence.

Zoe is in the running for head girl, overcoming a new self-consciousness about her limbs that won’t fully flex. But perhaps, she says, all the operations and physio have made her a little bit more worldly.

For William, however, tuberous sclerosis is an ever-changing enemy. Will the NHS fund the expensive drugs for his kidney tumour that his dad says are “his last shot at longevity”?

At home, viewers with healthy children once again sit and marvel at the reserves of strength they’ve luckily never had to unlock.


Fifteen years ago, cameras set out to follow the lives of six children who were all born with disabilities. As the documentary returns for a two-part special, this episode catches up with three of the families and continues to chart the joys and heartaches of growing up different. Among the youngsters is William, who has tuberous sclerosis, a condition that causes tumours to grow anywhere on his body, and Zoe who has arthrogryposis, a condition that affects movement in her limbs.

Cast & Crew

Director Laurence Turnbull
Editor Amanda Baxter
Executive Producer Jo Ball
Series Producer Laurence Turnbull