Tim Marlow: Art's Greatest Failures

Tim Marlow: Art's Greatest Failures
Thursday 3am - 4am Sky Arts


Leonardo da Vinci; artist, engineer, visionary, genius. Is it possible he had the odd off day? Art critic Tim Marlow would have us believe so, as he points out the strange technical errors that mar the master’s Annunciation, or the mistaken innovation that led to his Last Supper falling apart almost as soon as he’d finished it.

And it’s clear in this illuminating film that trial and error have played quite a part in art, be it artistic faux pas, or simply a failure to find, or hold on to an audience – something which Rembrandt and Turner both knew. Marlow also talks to the likes of Gavin Turk and Michael Landy to explore how sometimes initial failure can pay artistic dividends – or change the entire way in which art is regarded.


The critic examines why failure is a necessary evil in the creative process, from Old Masters including da Vinci and Rembrandt, to contemporary artists Gavin Turk and Michael Landy.