The Night Manager

The Night Manager

Series 1 - Episode 2



Smooth criminal, arms dealer and thug Richard Roper takes his family and their various hangers-on to a splendid lunch overlooking the sea near his Majorcan fortress.

As the champagne flows, these wealthy, complacent people flirt and talk business. Roper (Hugh Laurie, oozing suave menace) is master of his universe. Until the fun is rudely, violently interrupted.

The pace quickens and layers of complexity build in the second part of John le Carré’s thriller as Swiss hotel night manager Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) is approached by spy Angela Burr (Olivia Colman). She’s been after Roper for years, but can never pin him down. She needs someone on the inside, someone… like Jonathan.

If he agrees, Jonathan Pine will vanish. “Come and work for me,” says Burr. “New name, new identity, new life.” Driven by passionate fury after the murder of his adored Sophie, can Pine say no?


Pine and Burr hatch a plan to get Roper's attention by setting up a series of faked criminal activities, including stealing from a hotel and conducting drug deals in Devon. Their intention is for Pine to develop a reputation in the underworld, which could give him the chance to infiltrate the arms dealer's inner circle. Six months later, Roper's son is kidnapped by two thieves from his villa in Mallorca - but the abduction is not what it seems, nor is the mysterious figure lurking in the shadows.

Cast & Crew

Jonathan Pine Tom Hiddleston
Angela Burr Olivia Colman
Richard Roper Hugh Laurie
Lance Corkoran Tom Hollander
Jed Marshall Elizabeth Debicki
Joel Steadman David Harewood
Rex Mayhew Douglas Hodge
Geoffrey Dromgoole Tobias Menzies
Juan Apostol Antonio de la Torre
Rob Singhal Adeel Akhtar
Raymond Galt Jonathan Aris
Tabby Hovik Keuchkerian
Caroline Langbourne Natasha Little
Harry Palfrey Neil Morrissey
Frisky Michael Nardone
Sandy Langbourne Alistair Petrie
Jed's mother Nancy Baldwin
Daniel Roper Noah Jupe
Jorge Gregor Acuna-Pohl
Marilyn Hannah Steele
Jacob Dodridge Conor McCarry
Charles Narramore Duncan Pow
Barry Harlow Harry Attwell
Hector Jiminez Gabriel Andreu
Jacob's girlfriend Beth Walker
Nanny Alice Bier Zanden
Albanian Mario De La Rosa
Albanian Sean Adames
Addict Tressa Brooks
Police officer Caroline Loncq
Director Susanne Bier
Producer Rob Bullock
Writer David Farr
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