Jamillah and Aladdin

The Shape Shifter's Apprentice

Series 1 - Episode 13 The Shape Shifter's Apprentice



The Shape Shifter returns, this time disguised as Aladdin's mum. She tricks our heroes and grabs the lamp, forcing Genie to make her the new ruler of Baghdad. It's up to Jamillah and Aladdin to save the people of Baghdad and get Genie back! Luckily there's a talking lizard on the loose who's willing to help them.

Cast & Crew

Jamillah Blossom Campbell
Aladdin Wilson Radjou-Pujalte
Genie Leroy Osei-Bonsu
Shape shifter Amy Louise Wilson
Sultan Peter Butler
Aladdin's mother Sonia Esgueira
Sharim Nathan Lynn
Director Catharine Cooke
Executive Producer Anne Brogan
Producer Emma Stuart
Writer Sergio Casci
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