Series 8 - Episode 3



“Only two types of people ever come to Benidorm. Those who never come again and those who never want to leave,” says one character here. It pertains as much to the show as to its setting, but even for die-hard devotees of the sitcom’s trademark vulgarity, this episode feels strained.

Daft arcs include an unwelcome renovation to the Blow & Go salon and an altercation with a biker gang for Tiger and Joey, while Joyce (Sherrie Hewson) is usurped at a property auction. Promisingly, though, the Maltbys are back together again. Led by the loutish Geoff (Johnny Vegas), there might just be hope that there’s life in the old dog yet.


The Maltbys are back at the Solana and Geoff gets some terrible news from back home as his status as quiz champion `the Oracle' is revoked, and Pauline must battle her demons as her sobriety is seriously tested by the resort's all-inclusive policy. Joey and Tiger get in trouble at a local biker bar and must defeat one of the regulars in a drinking challenge to save their necks, while Blow & Go sees some big changes and Joyce goes to a property auction and has to fight it out with a surprise bidder.

Cast & Crew

Troy Paul Bazely
Mateo Jake Canuso
Jacqueline Janine Duvitski
Pauline Selina Griffiths
Les/Lesley Tim Healy
Joyce Sherrie Hewson
Noreen Elsie Kelly
Kenneth Tony Maudsley
Madge Sheila Reid
Tiger Danny Walters
Geoff - the Oracle Johnny Vegas
Rob Josh Bolt
Joey Nathan Bryon
Billy Steve Edge
Amber Jessica Ellerby
Sheron Julie Graham
Jodie Honor Kneafsey
Eddie Bobby Knutt
Evelyn Pyke Paul Bentall
Mr Wu Paul Chan
Catalina Manal El-Feitury
Joe Luis Stephen Marcus
Director Robin Sheppard
Executive Producer Sophie Clarke-Jervoise
Executive Producer Derren Litten
Executive Producer Pete Thornton
Producer Simon Bird
Writer Derren Litten
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