Britain's Bloody Crown

The Princes Must Die

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Princes Must Die



Thrusting historian Dan Jones keeps the self-consciously modern idioms to a minimum this week. At one point he mimics a bored teen when reacting to one of the future Richard III’s schemes: “Seriously?” Apart from that, and delivering his links as if he’s furious not just with the Duke of Gloucester but also, somehow, with us, he plays it straight because the tale that ends with the two young princes in the Tower is such a belter.

As ever, beneath the bluster, Jones’s take is stimulating. He sees Richard’s actions following the death of Edward IV as initially well-meaning, until the available options narrowed and Richard became, to mix our Shakespearean references, in blood stepp’d so far that he just kept wading.


Historian Dan Jones examines one of the most infamous chapters of the Wars of the Roses, asking whether Richard III really did kill the Princes in the Tower in 1483. At the time of Edward IV's death, his younger brother Richard was an English hero, a great military leader who had shown unswerving loyalty to the crown. So what could have happened to change him into a child-murdering tyrant in just three months?

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dan Jones
Director Nick Green
Executive Producer Dan Gold
Series Producer Sam Starbuck