Manchester's Serial Killer?

Manchester's Serial Killer?


In the past six years 85 bodies (mainly male) have been found in Manchester’s canals. Twenty-eight of those deaths remain unexplained, fuelling rumours about a serial killer who’s been dubbed “the Pusher”. Former Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Blockley re-investigates the suspicious deaths of Nathan Tomlinson, David Plunkett and Souvik Pal, but while it would be a real coup if he could solve them all in an hour-long doc, disappointingly he doesn’t. He just has doubts over some of the evidence. The local police meanwhile continue to have a more pragmatic attitude towards the likely outcome, when a drunken person wanders near deep water.


Over the past six years, the remains of more than 90 individuals have been recovered from the canals of Greater Manchester - most of them young men. Headlines are now claiming a serial killer may be responsible for their deaths, a story that has caught fire on social media. In this First Cut documentary, former murder detective Tony Blockley reviews the cases of three young men who drowned in the city's canals. Two of them went missing only to turn up dead later, while the third was seen leaving a nightclub with a mystery man who has never been identified. Is the so-called Pusher real or a 21st-century urban legend?

Cast & Crew

Director Darren Lovell
Executive Producer Nick Godwin
Producer Will Robson