Series 5 - Episode 11 Blowback



Dave brings us the second half of the fifth season of the swish legal drama mere days after it’s shown in the States, so we don’t know precisely what’s going to happen. But in a rollercoaster first half we’ve seen Harvey brought low by his demons and Mike brought to book (well, it’s hard to be a junior partner when you’re not, strictly speaking, a qualified lawyer).

The nefarious Daniel Hardman (David Costabile, the go-to guy for oleaginous malice) may have been thwarted in his plans to take over the firm, but with Harvey resigning and Mike arrested, could this be the end for Pearson Specter Litt? Say it ain’t so!


Mike faces the ruthless government prosecutor Anita Gibbs who is determined to see him behind bars. The brilliant but unqualified imposter may have finally been found out.

Cast & Crew

Harvey Specter Gabriel Macht
Mike Ross Patrick J Adams
Anita Gibbs Leslie Hope