Mr Selfridge

Series 4 - Episode 2



After last week’s disastrous and faintly comical unveiling of the Queen of Time statue when Harry came a cropper, he’s recovering by the sea, in a big blue cardie. “You got another chance, Harry. Make the most of it,” says his wise old mum.

But Harry can’t stay away from his beloved store, and the journalists who unaccountably hang around there all day, every day, are eager for a story. So he gives them one with the opening of a technology department. And in a subplot that nods to modern concerns, there’s the whiff of racism in the seamstresses’ workroom where a talented young black woman is given a job by the forward-thinking Lady Mae.


Following the Queen of Time unveiling accident, Harry recovers at his country home. However, keen to quash any retirement rumours, he returns to the store at the earliest possible moment intent on opening a cutting-edge technology department, and soon annoys Mae when he insists on a role for the Dolly Sisters at her first-ever fashion launch. Kitty is soul-searching after Connie's news gets around the store, while mysterious entrepreneur Jimmy Dillon starts to make his mark on Harry - not to mention Mae. With Jeremy Piven, Katherine Kelly, Amy Beth Hayes and Sacha Dhawan.

Cast & Crew

Harry Selfridge Jeremy Piven
Mae Rennard Katherine Kelly
Mr Grove Tom Goodman-Hill
Mr Crabb Ron Cook
Kitty Edwards Amy Beth Hayes
Frank Edwards Samuel West
Jimmy Dillon Sacha Dhawan
Lord Wynnstay Robert Pugh
Gordon Selfridge Greg Austin
Miss Blenkinsop Deborah Cornelius
Tatiana de Bolotoff Abigail Eames
Rosie Dolly Emma Hamilton
Lois Selfridge Kika Markham
Grace Selfridge Amy Morgan
Tilly Brockless Mimi Ndiweni
Connie Towler Sacha Parkinson
Jenny Dolly Zoe Richards
Miss Plunkett Sadie Shimmin
Freddy Lyons Sam Swann
Violette Selfridge Hannah Tointon
Rosalie de Bolotoff Kara Tointon
Meryl Grove Lottie Tolhurst
Miss Ellis Ria Zmitrowicz
Joe Tooby Mitchell Hunt
Joyce Leila Crerar
Prue Amy Dolan
Alberta Hunter Cynthia Erivo
Journalist 2 Gareth Keiran Jones
Presenter David Holt
Director Robert Del Maestro
Executive Producer Kate O'Riordan
Executive Producer Kate Lewis
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Executive Producer Helen Raynor
Series Producer Dominic Barlow
Writer Helen Raynor
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