The Age of the Drone

The Age of the Drone


Here’s something to give you pause for thought. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones – initially used by the military, but increasingly with civilian application – are more than likely to impact on our lives in the years ahead. Drones that can deliver packages, use heat-seeking imagery to pick out lost hikers in the wild or can battle each other in a “Game of Drones” arena are one thing, but what about the possible infringements on our privacy from that eye in the sky?

As scientists continue to work on ever-more-impressive drone capability, fears are being raised – could we be threatened by swarms of payload-bearing drones dropping explosives in multiple locations? This documentary gives space to all sides of the debate, from fearful civil liberties advocates to the tech entrepreneurs looking bravely into the future.


Documentary looking at the development of drone technology and examining issues concerning privacy and safety relating to its use.