Pacific Warriors

Open Season

Series 1 - Episode 1 Open Season



Gold miners, loggers, ice road truckers – there’s no end to reality shows featuring people doing dangerous jobs with some feigned competition to up the dramatic stakes. Here’s the latest addition – men and women braving the ocean as kayak fishermen or spear fisherwomen off the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

They have different motives – money-making, reputation-building or simply feeding themselves – and some seem more savvy than others. But you can’t help but be impressed by their sheer stamina as they haul 100lb tuna up on to their flimsy-looking craft or hold their breath for four minutes underwater in the hunt for octopus. And it all looks simply gorgeous.


Hawaii's peak kayak fishing season kicks off, featuring 500lb marlin ready and waiting, and an elusive octopus, which proves a prize catch for a freediver.