World War Three: Inside the War Room

World War Three: Inside the War Room


The worst has happened: Russia is fomenting unrest in the Baltic states. After the Crimea, President Putin turns his attention to Latvia. Nato becomes increasingly twitchy and anxious. What should it do?

This is effectively a huge war game rooted in reality (using a blend of archive and dramatised footage), as various former senior diplomats and military figures are closeted in a war room to discuss the worst possible of scenarios – what if Russia threatens a nuclear attack on the West to defend its interests?

It might all be hypothetical, but it’s still sobering viewing. By the time we reach the point where people are talking of an “imminent nuclear strike”, you’ll be glad it remains, at least for now, just that – all talk.


Footage of a major war game with a committee of senior military, political and diplomatic figures as they confront a hypothetical `hot war' in Eastern Europe, including nuclear confrontation. The programme faces a scenario that has haunted western strategists since civil war broke out in Ukraine: potential Russian military involvement in the Baltic States of Latvia and Estonia.

Cast & Crew

Director Gabriel Range
Executive Producer Sam Bagnall
Series Producer Sarah Waldron
Writer Gabriel Range