The Young Montalbano

Room Number 2

Series 2 - Episode 2 Room Number 2



This long, rambling episode is brightened by the repercussions from Salvo’s rash decision to ask Livia to marry him. He has to commit to twice-weekly meetings at the church and must field Mimi’s desperate efforts to become his witness (the Sicilian equivalent of best man).

This prequel series, set in the 90s, knocks the spots off the original version in terms of characterisation, atmosphere, music (every so often Palermo’s Olivia Sellerio soars on the soundtrack) and the persuasive romance between Salvo and Livia, surely one of TV’s most handsome couples.

The latest investigation begins when they’re sauntering on a beach at night and Livia spots the run-down Hotel Riviera ablaze. One guest has rushed back inside and pays with his life. Is this a case of arson for insurance purposes or could it somehow be linked to the local warring Mafia families?


Salvo and Livia start to prepare for their wedding and Mimi' Auguello is especially eager to be picked as Salvo's wedding witness. Meanwhile, a fire at a local hotel, which resulted in a man's death, is suspected to have been caused by arson, while the police receive an anonymous letter warning of the impending murder of a married woman at the hands of her jealous husband. In Italian.

Cast & Crew

Salvo Montalbano Michele Riondino
Carmine Fazio Andrea Tidona
Catarella Fabrizio Pizzuto
Mimi' Augello Alessio Vassallo
Livia Burlando Sarah Felberbaum
Giuseppe Fazio Beniamino Marcone
Gallo Maurilio Leto
Paterno Alessandro Piazza
Director Gianluca Maria Tavarelli
Writer Andrea Camilleri
Writer Francesco Bruni
Writer Salvatore De Mola
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