Inside Assad's Syria

Inside Assad's Syria


It’s nigh-on impossible to untangle the complexities of the internecine conflict in Syria in one hour, and veteran journalist Martin Smith doesn’t succeed here. What he does do is highlight one side of the argument that is tearing the country apart. He’s been given rare access to territories held by President Assad’s regime and what he finds is often surprising. Yes, Homs is a devastated pile of rubble, but the centre of Damascus seems relaxed and ordinary. There are surreal sights such as the new resort a few miles from Homs, but what he hears from fiercely proud Syrians is often, “What is the alternative to Assad?”


Martin Smith reports from government-controlled areas of a country that has been in the grip of a civil war for four years, shedding light on the Assad regime's efforts to hold on to power and the realities of everyday life for ordinary Syrians.