New Starts

Series 2 - Episode 1 New Starts



It's a new series of the show that follows the kids in first year class of a Birmingham secondary school. In episode one we start meeting the students including Easa who has yet to learn one word of English.


Documentary set in a Birmingham school. As well as profiling some of the year sevens, viewers meet newcomer Easa, who has never been to school before.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Trevor Evans
Director Cher Adamson
Director Chris Chapman
Director Matthew Grosch
Director Jamie McLeish
Editor Clayton C Lonie Jnr
Executive Producer Richard Marson
Executive Producer Kez Margrie
Producer Cher Adamson
Producer Chris Chapman
Producer Matthew Grosch
Producer Jamie McLeish
Producer Natasha Cox
Producer Vanessa Singh
Series Director Carrie Horne
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