Derren Brown: Pushed to the Edge

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Derren Brown: Pushed to the Edge


TV rule of thumb: never get involved in a Derren Brown show. Whatever you think you’re doing, there will be a covert agenda involving a stunt or “experiment” with the potential to scar a sensitive soul for life. At least, that sounds like the scenario in this one-off, where 29-year-old stooge Chris Kingston will be persuaded to – as far as he knows – commit murder.

Brown aims to coax Chris into pushing another person off a roof, seemingly to their death, using the power of “social compliance” (authority, peer pressure and so on). The setting is the gala launch of a fictitious charity called Push. Hollywood special effects, stunt coordinators and a troupe of 70 actors add to the illusion.


The illusionist aims to persuade an unwitting participant to push another person off a roof, seemingly to their death. The illusion investigates the powers of social compliance and how authority, peer pressure or ideology can be used to make people carry out horrific acts. His subject is Chris Kingston, a 29-year-old member of the public who is unaware he's being filmed or manipulated at a distance, and the setting is the gala launch night of a fictitious new charity called Push.

Cast & Crew

Host Derren Brown
Director Jon Richards
Executive Producer Derren Brown
Executive Producer Martin Dance
Executive Producer Andrew O'Connor
Executive Producer Martin Turner
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