David Beckham: For the Love of the Game

David Beckham: For the Love of the Game
Sat 28 Oct 7pm - 9pm W


David Beckham documentaries are always compulsive viewing. From the garish 2003 fly-on-the-wall The Real Beckhams to last year’s David Beckham into the Unknown – a ridiculously photogenic account of his motorbike ride through the Amazon – these rare, candid insights are the perfect antidote to years of stage-managed press conferences and photoshoots.

We also tune in hoping for the answer to a slightly depressing biological conundrum: how can one man be so talented, handsome and, well, nice? Sadly for us mere mortals, there is no explanation in this latest film – only a reminder of Beckham’s many attributes.

We follow the world’s most famous footballer as he joins local communities on seven continents to play the beautiful game and discuss what it means to them. While the contrasting landscapes and cultures (stops include the foothills of Nepal, Antarctica and finally, Old Trafford) make for a fascinating travelogue, the film’s ultimate goal is to raise awareness of Beckham’s Unicef 7 fund, which aims to help the world’s most vulnerable children.

Talented, handsome and with an acute sense of social responsibility. This man can do no wrong.


Cameras follow David Beckham as he attempts to play a football match on all seven continents and get back in time for his own UNICEF fundraising match at Old Trafford. On the journey, he discovers what football means to the many different people he meets and plays with, as well as some of the universal truths about the game itself, including its ability to inspire and unite people.

Cast & Crew

Contributor David Beckham
Contributor Dave Gardner
Contributor Simon Oliveira
Contributor Peter Crouch
Contributor Patrick Kluivert
Contributor David James
Contributor Nicky Butt
Contributor Luis Figo
Contributor Ryan Giggs
Contributor Alex Ferguson
Director Matt Smith
Executive Producer Emma Hindley
Producer Matt Smith
Producer Lisa Doyle
Series Director Russ Malkin
Series Producer Russ Malkin
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