Downton Abbey - The Finale: Christmas Special 2015

Downton Abbey - The Finale: Christmas Special 2015



We last saw Lady Edith looking wistful in a meadow as she left us all wondering, “Oh dear, can she ever be happy?” This was after that charisma vacuum Bertie dumped her when Mary revealed the Secret That Is Marigold.

But, as we return to Downton Abbey for the final time in this last ever episode, Edith (Laura Carmichael) seems content with her life and loves running her adored magazine, which is “going better than ever”.

Yet big changes are afoot at the family home, and there’s a sense that the times are shifting. Old enmities are buried amid new understandings and ways begin to part. As we get to New Year’s Eve and the champagne toast, everyone is philosophical. Two characters realise, “The world is a different place… Downton Abbey must change,” as they have a little moment together. By the time everyone’s singing Auld Lang Syne, you’ll be a weeping heap.


Julian Fellowes bids farewell to the Crawleys with one last festive special, catching up with the Abbey's residents at the tail-end of 1925. Mary endeavours to build bridges, but Edith's secret continues to pose a threat. As Henry settles into the role of husband, scars left by Charlie's death are slow to heal, while Carson struggles to come to terms with developments that prove even he is not invulnerable to change. Spratt's moonlighting venture is threatened by the conniving of Denker, and Daisy may have missed her chance with an admirer. Isobel receives devastating news, while the day that Anna and Bates have long-since waited for arrives.

Cast & Crew

Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham Maggie Smith
Robert, Earl of Grantham Hugh Bonneville
Lady Edith Crawley Laura Carmichael
Mr Carson Jim Carter
Baxter Raquel Cassidy
John Bates Brendan Coyle
Lady Mary Crawley Michelle Dockery
Molesley Kevin Doyle
Andy Michael Fox
Anna Joanne Froggatt
Henry Talbot Matthew Goode
Bertie Pelham Harry Hadden-Paton
Lady Rose Lily James
Thomas Robert James-Collier
Tom Branson Allen Leech
Mrs Hughes Phyllis Logan
Cora, Countess of Grantham Elizabeth McGovern
Daisy Sophie McShera
Mrs Patmore Lesley Nicol
Dr Clarkson David Robb
Isobel Crawley Penelope Wilton
Miss Denker Sue Johnston
Spratt Jeremy Swift
Mr Dawes Patrick Brennan
Lord Merton Douglas Reith
Lady Rosamund Samantha Bond
Mrs Pelham Patricia Hodge
Amelia Grey Phoebe Sparrow
Sir Mark Stiles James Greene
Mr Mason Paul Copley
Larry Grey Charlie Anson
Atticus Aldridge Matt Barber
Shrimpie Flintshire Peter Egan
Laura Edmunds Antonia Bernath
Rev Travis Michael Cochrane
Brancaster butler Alastair Bruce
Waiter at The Ritz Amir Heath
Delegate Paul Prescott
Delegate Alice Shuttleworth
Delegate Kyra Williams
Director Michael Engler
Executive Producer Gareth Neame
Executive Producer Liz Trubridge
Executive Producer Julian Fellowes
Executive Producer Nigel Marchant
Executive Producer Susanne Simpson
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Producer Chris Croucher
Writer Julian Fellowes
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