Series 1 - Episode 23 BB



Gwen Waters is next on Earl's list as he tries to make amends for shooting her with a pellet gun. In a bid to earn her forgiveness, he decides to reunite her with her estranged father - but the task proves harder than expected.

Cast & Crew

Earl Hickey Jason Lee
Catalina Nadine Velazquez
Joy Turner Jaime Pressly
Randy Hickey Ethan Suplee
Darnell Turner Eddie Steeples
Gwen's dad Geoffrey Lewis
Gwen Waters Miriam Shor
Patty Dale Dickey
Young Gwen Shailene Woodley
Officer Ross John Di Maggio
Young Earl Noah Crawford
Sara Jen Relyea
Claretta Grace Bustos
Prosecutor Jack Betts
Patty's lawyer David Raibon
Judge Tom Carey
Deputy Sam Scarber
Director Victor Nelli Jr
Writer Kat Likkel
Writer John Hoberg
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