Series 1 - Episode 8 Moroii



“A vampire? That’s all we need,” groaned Richard E Grant’s monster-catcher at the end of the last episode. After some of the fantasy foes he’s had to contend with so far, a vampire might seem a little plain-vanilla, and sure enough, the puncture holes in victims’ necks aren’t quitewhat they seem.

From the pre-title sequence we gather the blood-sipper is a dazzling blonde who used to be in Hollyoaks, and if we’ve been paying attention we’ll recognise her from the scenes at Tenebrae HQ. Now Hyde discovers her name is Olalla and she has – or claims – a very close bond with him. One note of caution: if you don’t like leeches, let alone giant ones, give this a wide berth.


Robert has no wish to find the monster that is killing wealthy young men, but the trail is too compelling to resist. It leads him to a fight with a beautiful vampire who shocks him with the news that she's his sister, Olalla. She also tells him Dance is alive and being rebuilt by eel creatures. Robert is suspicious of a trap and sets a test - if she can turn into a Jekyll he'll believe her. Fantasy adventure, starring Tom Bateman and Wallis Day.

Cast & Crew

Robert Jekyll Tom Bateman
Garson Donald Sumpter
Bella Natalie Gumede
Lily Stephanie Hyam
Capt Dance Enzo Cilenti
Ravi Michael Karim
Fedora Natasha O'Keeffe
Olalla Wallis Day
Lord Protheroe Mark Bonnar
Bulstrode Richard E Grant
Lord George Watts Jeremy Neumark Jones
Young Robert Jekyll Rupert Cunningham-Day
Young Olalla Gretel Monger
The Cutter Jason La Shard
Sir Marian Carew Tim Woodward
Mr Wax Oliver Gilbert
Hannigan Phil McKee
Sackler Tom Rhys Harries
Brannigan Amit Shah
Silas Tony Way
Director Robert Quinn
Executive Producer Charlie Higson
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Producer Louise Sutton
Series Producer Foz Allan
Writer Sophie Petzal
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