Uranium Drive-In

Uranium Drive-In


The struggling town of Naturita, Colorado, has a glowing ambition: to be the site of a new uranium mill. It’s the first proposed nuclear mining facility to be built in the United States for 25 years.

The residents understand the risks all too well. 30 years ago the area lived, occasionally thrived, off uranium mining; now its hospitals are proof of what can go wrong. One former miner shows how he lost both his legs and saw his skin turn “the colour of a school bus” in an accident. A nearby town, Uravan, was evacuated due to contamination in 1984.

The people living in Paradox Valley (honestly, that is the name of the area) are in an impossible position. An energy corporation has promised them jobs, security, a chance to rebuild their town; but just down the road, the abandoned ruin of another community shows what could happen if they go digging for a brighter future.


Susan Beraza's documentary about the residents of two rural communities in Colorado divided by the prospect of a uranium mill that promises jobs, but threatens terrible environmental damage.