Series 2 - Episode 2



Prison officer David Murdoch is handcuffed to sulky prisoner Jules, but sadly this is no 39 Steps-style romantic adventure and the fugitives aren’t Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll.

Luckily for them their pursuer is DS Susan Reinhardt, who’s always one step behind. Her useless sidekick is no help. “ You should have waited for back up!” she yells when he makes a foolish error. You must know by now, Susan, NO ONE ever waits for “back up” in crime dramas.

As everyone chases around unprepossessing Manchester estates, Susan’s partner pops by to beg her not to move to London to take a new job training police officers. Stop laughing at the back.


After a shocking revelation, Murdoch and Jules are left feeling uncertain of who is holding Lucy. As the pair continue to search for her, the hunt takes them to Jules's hometown of Blackpool. However, DI Reinhardt is one step ahead of them, and has already set up a trap in the hope of ensnaring her prey. Thriller, following the story of a prison officer who is forced on the run with a young female prisoner when his daughter is kidnapped. Starring Philip Glenister, Rosie Cavaliero and MyAnna Buring.

Cast & Crew

David Murdoch Philip Glenister
Susan Reinhardt Rosie Cavaliero
Jules Hope MyAnna Buring
Richard Iddon Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
Daniel Hope James Burrows
DCI Mike Ward Ralph Ineson
Alan Gill Daniel Ezra
Jeff Crabtree Kevin Harvey
Lucy Murdoch Sammy Winward
DS Stafford Andrew Knott
Gary Sadler Jason Done
Rizla David Judge
Joseph Kijek Ben Batt
Scrote 1 Ben Johnson
Scrote 2 Macaulay Harewood
Anthony Goad Craig Conway
Spencer Helen Kay
Traffic Cop Matthew Ganley
Chugger Lauren Carse
DC Gibbons Dan Jillings
Doctor Keeler Rani Moorthy
Director Lewis Arnold
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Producer Tom Sherry
Writer Chris Lunt
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