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Atlantic Lion

Series 1 - Episode 3 Atlantic Lion



Young East German spy Martin Rauch’s Aunt Leonora isn’t of the PG Wodehouse variety. She’s a hard-nut member of the Stasi, who thinks nothing of drugging her nephew and emotionally blackmailing him into doing her bidding.

In the third episode of this pacey, effective and often surprisingly funny German 80s-set thriller, Auntie Dearest makes her little puppet-boy become involved in a reverse honey-trap when she sets him up with the lonely secretary of a Nato bigwig. Aunty noticed that Martin had a brief “voluntary extended flirtation” with her last week, so it’s all systems go.

As for Martin, just watch his face as he discovers the transformative powers of a Walkman. It’s a picture.


While at a Nato conference in Brussels, Moritz gets an assignment to seduce a security analyst's secretary so he can install a microphone in their office. He receives word that his mother is on the shortlist for a kidney transplant, and provides a sample of his blood to see if he is a suitable donor. Meanwhile in the East, Annett discovers her mother is hiding something from her. In German.

Cast & Crew

Moritz Stamm/Martin Rauch Jonas Nay
Lenora Rauch Maria Schrader
Gen Wolfgang Edel Ulrich Noethen
Walter Schweppenstette Sylvester Groth
Annett Schneider Sonja Gerhardt
Alex Edel Ludwig Trepte
Tobias Tischbier Alexander Beyer
Yvonne Edel Lisa Tomaschewsky
Linda Seiler Nikola Kastner
Markus Fuchs Uwe Preuss
Henrik Mayer Jens Albinus
Ingrid Rauch Carina Wiese
Gen Arnold Jackson Errol Trotman-Harewood
Thomas Posimski Vladimir Burlakov
Felix von Schwerin Florian Bartholomai
Cosima von Schwerin Charlotte Crome
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