Still Open All Hours

Still Open All Hours

Series 2 - Episode 3



Still Open All Hours could be set at any time during the past 60 years (there’s no conspicuous technology), and it has gags about rhubarb crumble and “Skegness” (the very word is inherently hilarious) that would have delighted Tony Hancock.

Maybe it’s this timelessness that makes it so loved; a bit of mild smut about women in their undies, no bad language and hopeless men doing daft things, all in an idealised version of a Northern street.

Tonight Granville (David Jason) declares war on shoplifters after he discovers that his shop has a “blind spot”. There’s some comedy business with a cherry picker, and “loose leaf tea”.


Granville discovers a gap in the shop's security, and Madge is made anxious by a cherry picker - while a neighbour's home cooking threatens the penny-pinching shopkeeper's plans to matchmake her and Gastric. Meanwhile, Eric and Kath make plans to spend some time together.

Cast & Crew

Granville David Jason
Nurse Gladys Emmanuel Lynda Baron
Leroy James Baxter
Mrs Featherstone Stephanie Cole
Madge Brigit Forsyth
Cyril Kulvinder Ghir
Gastric Tim Healy
Kath Agnew Sally Lindsay
Mavis Maggie Ollerenshaw
Cindy Misha Timmins
Eric Johnny Vegas
Mrs Hussein Nina Wadia
Mr Matlock Stephen Evans
Director Dewi Humphreys
Executive Producer David Jason
Executive Producer Gareth Edwards
Producer Alex Walsh-Taylor
Writer Roy Clarke
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